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Everyone in their lifetime has played some kind of games, be it the video games, online games or other games on play station. There are some games to which you get addicted so much. If any kind of challenge is given in that game, no matter whatever important work you have got to do, you complete it.

However, there are some games which are so challenging that you have to take the help of hack to clear it.

Moviestarplanet is one such game through which you can have a lot of fun by accepting the challenges the game offers and can be shared with the friends. The game requires diamonds to buy the tools to perform a certain challenge.

You can use our hack for free diamonds and starcoins.

Moviestarplanet Game features

  • The game offers interesting movie star themes which give a visually pleasing effect to eyes while playing.
    The sound effects are interesting and perfect.
  • The user interface of the game is very easy to understand and can be played by people from any age group.
  • Interesting stages and levels are there in gamer to make the experience of gaming very engrossing to all the gamers.
  • The installation process is very fast, and the downloading of the game is very easy and seamless.
  • The high definition graphics which are used in this game attracts a lot of young gamers and make the game real-time and lively.
  • Through this game, you can connect to friends through social media.
  • The animations used are great and amazing, and the different visual effects that are included in it take the charm of the game to the high level.


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Moviestarplanet Installation

The installation of the Moviestarplanet game on the mobile and desktop is very easy. Certain ways through which one can install the game are

  1. Go to the play store, if installing in the mobile and if you are downloading in the desktop, then download emulator software.
  2. Once the set up gets executed, then click on the installation file to get downloaded on the mobile or desktop.
  3. When the software gets installed on the device, then start it and complete the signup procedure and login with your account.
  4. After the signing up process is done and you have set your profile then install the other files which have to be downloaded.
  5. Finally, launch the game, and now you can enjoy the wonderful experience of the game, and you can share the completed challenges with your friends too.
  6. If you are playing on the desktop, then you can also install the remote control app for accessing the game through a remote.

About Moviestarplanet game

Moviestarplanet is a very popular online game, on which you can do various fun activities like you can chat with friends, play games and can go shopping.

This game is sometimes called MSP; it is the combination of a game and social networking platform. The activities you do in the game can be shared with your friends.

The version of the game is available for both android and IOS. In this game you can create your movie star; you can make art books, design clothes, take photos and many more.

In this game, you need a lot of diamonds and starcoins to enjoy the game. There are two ways through which you can earn diamonds, first is by completing the challenge, and the other is by knowing about the hack for obtaining diamonds.

Ways To Get Free VIP in Moviestarplanet

You have got to know a little bit of introduction about the game of Moviestarplanet, and now you will get to know about the hack so that you would be able to get the diamonds and starcoins easily and without any hindrance.

Moviestarplanet Hack

Following are ways to hack starcoins and diamonds in Moviestarplanet.

1. Log in at least once a day

You will get a chance to spin the bonus wheel the first time you log in. If you are not playing for a long time then try to log in at least for a minute once a day so that you will get the chance to spin the wheel. You can earn the free diamonds and star starcoins this way.

After you login click the silver wheel to spin it free. Players get to spin the silver wheel once per time and if you have hacked the game, you can have access to more number of starcoins. Once the wheel stops spinning your starcoins will come bouncing out so ensure that you collect all the number of starcoins.

2. Completing the quest

Once you download the certain tool for hacking the starcoins, then you can click the activities button, which you are going to find on the top of the screen.

The active quest will appear, and there will be some rewards which are going to appear.

The game will give you certain kind of tasks, and after completing the tasks, you will be able to obtain the star starcoins.

Different kind of quests will be displayed during the time you are playing the game. Quests could be of various types like watching movies, playing games, and filling your profile.

Now once you hack the Moviestarplanet game, then you will receive the star starcoins and diamonds in thousands, which you can use to buy some things on the gaming platform.

3. Use the MSP hack

Once you use hack for earning starcoins or another hacking tool, then you can surely get several starcoins.

The best thing about hack is that it will give you thousands of starcoins and is undetectable.

Also, it does not affect the device that contains the viruses. Once you try our service, then you will be given some movies, and once you watch the whole movie, you will receive the number of starcoins.

So the more movies you watch, the more starcoins you get.


It can be understood from the above article that by knowing the right ways of hacking, the hack can easily be done gaining more number of star starcoins for the game.

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